Be a Part
of the Vote Poster Project

For the 2018 midterms, I created a Vote Poster and hundreds of people hung it in public places from coast to coast.
It was glorious.

Watch this inspiring short video to see how it all worked:

Two years later, our voting rights are under attack like never before.

Each and every vote has never been so important.

My Plan for 2020

This election season, I’m selling signed Vote posters and donating 100% of the profit to Stacy Abrams’ organization called “Fair Fight” from now until Election Day.

I chose to donate to “Fair Fight” because their whole focus is on fighting voter suppression, especially in communities of color. You can read more about this organization here.

Ways You Can Help

Make sure you know how and when
you will vote and what the rules are in your state.

Here’s a great link
to check on your states rules:

Buy a Vote Poster or three.
(They make great gifts.)


When you receive your poster,
please take a photo of yourself or your pet posing with your poster, post it on social media, and tag it #voteposter.

If you get a numbered print instead,
do the same but tag your photo with #oldglory.

(Or send your pics to me and I will do it!)


Share this page with friends and family who might also be interested.


Follow me on social media and share what I post there about these posters, my silly and serious videos about getting out the vote and voter suppression, and join the online discussion on FB Live.


Vote your heart out.


Each signed VOTE poster is 9″ x 24″ heavyweight silk card stock.

Lets do this thing!

24.00 each

VOTE 2020 PART 2

Hand-Pulled, Numbered Prints

If you are an art lover and would like to get something a bit more special, I’m also selling larger, numbered, hand-pulled prints in four different color options.

I will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of each of these to Fair Fight from now until election day.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Your Options

Pearlized Black Ink on Black |||||||||| Gold Ink on White
White Ink on Black |||||||||||Black Ink on White

The prints are all 13″ x 36″ and are hand printed on 100% cotton rag.
I print each piece as it is ordered.

They are available in 4 colors:
-Pearlized Black on Black
-Gold on White
-White on Black
-Black on White



What does Voter Suppression Look Like?

Undermining the ability of the post office to function in an election that is happening during a pandemic is voter suppression;

Starting unfounded rumors about mail-in ‘voter fraud’ without evidence is voter suppression;

Making up reasons to purge registered voters from voter rolls without permission or notice is voter suppression;

Shutting down voting stations in communities of color is voter suppression;

Limiting voting hours and creating barriers to vote with illegal identification requirements is voter suppression.

Q: Who Makes it Difficult to Vote?
A: People in power who fear the results if everyone is given the chance to vote.


This Vote Poster project excites me because it’s a perfect blend of my art-making passion and my values. At the end of this project, I will be sharing both my receipts and how much money you helped me raise for Fair Fight. I’m so excited to write a giant number on that check–will you help me?