Time is a River

This piece was commissioned by the Organ Donor Network of NY for their reception/lobby  area. It’s a 4″ x 8″ grid and is inspired by a quote by Jorge Luis Borges and portions of the lines are woven in and out of the garden image. Butterflies are also an important symbol in the Organ Donor Community.

The quote is as follows: Time is the substance from which I am made. “Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.”

I have made several pieces based on this quote, I think it’s the perfect expression of the cycle of life.

4' x 8' of 16" square flush mounted on a 1/25" metal frame.
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Collage on Brushed Metal: digital images, oil glazes, gold ink
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