This drawing is a kind of personal folk art map–a hand drawn universe that fills the picture plane with a simple weather forecast weaving in and out of the map marks. I’m fascinated with how we humans feel in control through our predicting and our “knowing”–but nature, the weather, always has the last word.

Making the drawing a folk art map matters for me because that itself feels delicate and fragile while also being an attempt to explain, make order. And the fact that the “map” is so homespun represents how I feel the vast majority of us are–we’re all still basically medieval and have no idea how the science works even as we religiously read the words. We humans are a hot mess, but we’re family so…

42" x 51" Flush Mounted on Baltic Birch and Ready to Hang.
2500.00. Please Note: This drawing is also available as a limited edition 30" x 40" giclee. Contact Sarah for details.
Charcoal and Acrylic Paint on Paper. Mounted on Baltic Birch.
Contact Sarah:
Interested in this piece? Have questions? Contact Sarah at sarah@sarahbushartworks.com
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