Be a Part
of the 2020 Vote Poster Project

For the 2018 midterms, I created a Vote Poster and hundreds of people hung it in public places from coast to coast.
It was glorious.

Watch this inspiring short video to see how it all worked:

Vote Poster Campaign 2020

This election season, I’m selling signed Vote posters and donating 100% of the profit to Stacy Abrams’ organization called “Fair Fight” from now until Election Day.

I chose to donate to “Fair Fight” because their whole focus is on fighting voter suppression, especially in communities of color.
Each signed VOTE poster is 9″ x 24 and is printed on heavyweight silk card stock.

24.00 each

VOTE 2020 PART 2
Something for the Art Lovers

Hand-Pulled, Numbered Prints

If you are an art lover and would like to get something a bit more special, I’m also selling larger, numbered, hand-pulled prints in four different color options.

I will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of each of these to Fair Fight from now until election day.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Your Options

Pearlized Black Ink on Black |||||||||| Gold Ink on White
White Ink on Black |||||||||||Black Ink on White

The prints are all 13″ x 36″ and are hand printed on 100% cotton rag.
I print each piece as it is ordered.

They are available in 4 colors:
-Pearlized Black on Black
-Gold on White
-White on Black
-Black on White



What does Voter Suppression Look Like?

Undermining the ability of the post office to function in an election that is happening during a pandemic is voter suppression;

Starting unfounded rumors about mail-in ‘voter fraud’ without evidence is voter suppression;

Making up reasons to purge registered voters from voter rolls without permission or notice is voter suppression;

Shutting down voting stations in communities of color is voter suppression;

Limiting voting hours and creating barriers to vote with illegal identification requirements is voter suppression.

Q: Who Makes it Difficult to Vote?
A: People in power who fear the results if everyone is given the chance to vote.


This Vote Poster project excites me because it’s a perfect blend of my art-making passion and my values. At the end of this project, I will be sharing both my receipts and how much money you helped me raise for Fair Fight. I’m so excited to write a giant number on that check–will you help me?